The most beautiful part of your body is where it’s headed. —Ocean Vuong

As a second-generation Filipina American, I feel proud to express my heritage and background (especially when it comes to food). I also acknowledge the more harmful aspects of my cultural upbringing, with some examples including perfectionism, shame, stigmas surrounding mental illness, and the fear of failure or letting my family down. When working with Asian American clients, I guide clients through exploring the various cultural messages they may have received and how they affect them in their current life. I help you differentiate which values may have helped your ancestors survive their traumas, but perhaps no longer serve you. My goal is to help clients live an authentic, empowered life while still honoring and appreciating their roots. I also acknowledge and help clients process the racial traumas and microaggressions they may experience (especially in the pandemic) as they navigate and find their strength and voice in a White-dominated society.